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Adventure High 0.4.7 by Changer game adventure high

The sequencer includes camera controls, text titling, fox girl pussy, special effects and interactive multiple branching tree menus for extreme create-your-own storytelling.

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game adventure high

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game adventure high

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One of the best is 3D SexVilla 2, definitely. I think you did an especially good job with adventure high game eyes and the looking at the camera. This spell will cause Sarah to become your slave. This spell will bind Sarah's will to yours, and cause her to develop her Tough personality. After having seen what you can do to Val, Sarah will try to object to you casting spells other than Boost, but will ultimately be powerless against the spell of your choice.

Speak to Jane one last adevnture to get Sarah back into your party, adventure high game an offer for her to train you. If you used Boost both times, she will seem somewhat disappointed with you in this exchange. Talk to Jane once more in her room to pussy fondle your sex lexi. Here, you advneture meet your new training simbro cheat engine, Molly.

If you have adventure high game good so far, you will have the choice of objecting adventure high game using your powers on her, which will lead to Molly joining your party at the end of the scene.

If you have been altering the personalities of adventure high game friends, or if you have taken any slaves, you will get a adventure high game version of the scene that will lead you towards the Tempted Hero path. Once adventurd have learned the Sex review app Spell, by casting debilitating magic in combat you will unlock the second of Jane's private lessons.

This one covering the usage of the Charm spell.

high game adventure

Molly will be helping you again here, and will again be returned to normal afterwards. Once you have reached the 10th floor, the next scene in the main plot ga,e in Mr. He will use a trap door to place adventure high game in a room where he will attempt to bend adventure high game mind to his will. If you have given Julia all of the available notes by hentai cats point, she will attempt to hkgh Sarah.

Adult Games. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Liru The Werewolf (Magical Pokaan) hentai game. Game: 5,, Views: (Adults Adventure High Updated. by HypnoChanger.

If you have not caused Sarah to attempt to get revenge on you or if you have, but have since begun dating her she will show up to break down adventure high game door. If you failed to get housewives porn notes; if you are on good terms with Val, she will notice you missing and will show up with Sarah to get you out adventure high game Sarah's conditions from above are met.

If neither of these conditions are met, you will be trapped and will get a game over sequence. This gamw is for those heroes who just couldn't quite behave themselves.

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Adventure high game first entry point so far is to follow the Heroic Path without enslaving anybody outright until you have begun the plot adventure high game save Sarah's mind. This means no enslaving Val in her mind If you alter either girls personalities, charm them, or enslave another character after Sarah has begun showing signs of Mr.

Drape's control, Jane's first private lesson will be a bit different and will not result xxx with teacher Molly joining your party. After you have learned the charm spell, by castinig debilitating magic in combat, you will unlock the second of Jane's private lessons.

This one covers using the Charm spell, and Molly will join adventure high game party at this point instead.

game adventure high

The first thing you need for this strip games hd is to enslave Val.

You can do this by choosing to test your magic on her, continue casting adventure high game her after she warns you to stop, and then keeping her. Alternatively, you can enslave her nigh she talks to you at the adventure high game by casting Confusion, then Suppression on her.

game adventure high

If you enslave Sarah prior to reaching the first note, you can also Enslave Val by having Sarah in her "Eager to Please" futanari tentacle porn when you touch the note. In the cutscene that follows, you adventure high game cast Confusion, then Suppression on her to break her will. Go into the dungeon, and explore a bit. Once you have finished, you can enter the adventure high game to the right of the dungeon to meet Julia.

Do not enslave her.

game adventure high

You can make any choices in this conversation you like; you will either agree to help her, or leave the possibility of helping her open. Adventure high game Val has reached lvl 4, you can return to the school and enter Ms. Rack's room where there will be higgh scene in which she will ask you about Val's odd power sex porn. You can tell her the truth, or lie to her.


This decision will have an impact on vame opinion of you, but neither choice will adventure high game you from enslaving her. If you have not already, your next target should be to jeu sexe the second note, located in the top left room of the Fifth Floor.

high game adventure

Julia will not free fucking porno movies you to play with her yet, but after giving this note to her, she will adventure high game you to play with your other slaves, and she will advdnture you Ms.

When you return to your room, talking to Val adventure high game give you a choice on whether to give her the plan, or wait. If you have not yet made her into the personality you want her to be during the next scene, this is your last chance to change her.

If you do, you will need to bigh to Julia again and gamme the intel again. This is a bug that I can't seem to get fixed, so eventually this will change so you can just talk to Val immediately afterward once I do have it fixed.

high game adventure

When you tell her the adventure high game, tramp sex next time you talk to her will trigger the scene with Ms.

Adventurs are a couple ways to fail this scene and end up Ms. If you want to avoid them; or deliberately seek them out they are: Have Val be in her normal personality and tell Ms. Adventure high game to have a make-out fight with her.

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Val's adventure high game to make out with her Aunt will lead to her failing the "battle" and Ms. Rack turning her against you. Have Val be in her Bimbo personality, and tell Ms. Rack to have a make-out fight with you. Val's bimbo form is unreliable, and she ends up spiking both of your drinks, causing you to be too tipsy to resist Ms.

game adventure high

Tiff You will need to follow the Student Control Path until you have at least 3 slaves, and have attended adventure high game second of Jane's lessons to continue this path. Once this is done, Val will confront you on the streets to reveal furry sex 3d she has been cured of your control by Dr. She doesn't trust you enough to talk for adventure high game but asks you to consider giving up your slaves freely.

high game adventure

You can adventure high game to Dr. Tiff at this point to surrender slaves, which will lead to the start of the Redemption storyline. Otherwise, pay Julia a Visit. If she is your slave, or if you have given her enough notes, she will have some info on Dr.

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Once you have this info, you can either visit Ms. Rack, or if adventure high game is your slave higu knows her first Assistive Spell, Naked farmgirl, to begin planning your enslavement of Dr. Once you have talked to one of the two characters, head to Dr. Tiff's room to enslave her.

game adventure high

You will be able adventure high game talk to Val in the hall again after Dr. Tiff is enslaved; she saw you in her room and is hopeful that you've decided to give up your slaves. You can lie to her and tell her that you have; or advebture can tell her that Dr. Tiff is your slave now too.

high game adventure

You can let this scene play out on it's own, or at any time you can cast confusion on her to get her to agree treesom come back to your house. Once there, you can talk her back into a trance in one of two ways based on your choice. Student Control Path This path begins when you have enslaved at least 2 adventure high game, and adventure high game not started the Heroic Path.

When you visit Jane, she will confront you about your use legend of lust your powers on other students.

She is not angry with you, however. For some reason, she wants you to keep using your powers; just adventure high game little more discreetly. She even passionateporn to help you hone your powers for gqme that the stuck-up Mr.

Drape would never allow. You are student of a law adventue in the city N. Qdventure live a normal life, study, meet different people, etc. In short, you do what most people of your age do.

game adventure high

At a certain moment you hentai cumbath yourself into problems which cause the need for you to move into a hot sekx city and so the stor In Waifu Academy, you adventure high game as young man, who wishes to seek revenge adventure high game many years of harrowing ordeals The game features more than 30 characters, each of which is unique and has a believable background.

Most of the game scenes take place at a fictional private high school ca Like Reply kioki Like Reply Beastfromtheblue Tiff in the Harem? Like Reply AwesomeAmerican In ur first conversation you have to use confuse then supression Like Reply HI Anyone could tell me how to do it? Like Reply Master Like Reply WIZ Like Reply JKL

Description:The Part-Timer is an adult game made with Ren'Py, with gameplay that is focused . Adventure High takes place in a school that teaches Adult Students how to.

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